Small Business Web Design That Works

Steelsmith Haus provides beautiful, conversion-optimized WordPress web design services to enhance your brand, digital visibility, traffic & leads. Our color pallets, design elements and custom graphics are specifically created and refined to increase the effectiveness of your company web design. Combining up-to-date web design agency research and technology with our 30+ years of providing web design company experience, our local web design company is a solid foundation for your success.

Gorgeous, Effective Images & Graphics

Hand-picked, beautiful, customized images, icons, and graphics that capture the attention of your audience while enhancing your brand

Proven Mobile Responsive Layouts

Over half of your visitors are accessing your website with a mobile device. Each page layout we develop renders beautifully across all phones, tablets, and laptops of all sizes

Tons of Functionality & Automation

Each of our websites is backed by a Wordpress Content Management System on steroids with a ton of functionality and automation to save you time and money

Web Design Strategy

The key for a successful website design is the process. We've done away with the endless meetings and back-and-forth changes, and adopted our build-measure-optimize process.

Website Requirements

Live document that evolves with your website, improving communication and results

Once you reach out to us, we’ll create your account in our client dashboard. Here, you will be able to easily access your website requirements, along with your agreements, invoices, projects, and requests. If you started with our brand strategy, you can view your Brand Identity document here as well.

Your website requirements doc is a living document, created so we can:

  • Understand the purpose and goals of your website
  • Define your target audience
  • What the website built with, from the server stats, to themes, plugins, code snippets, and more
  • What it will do, including the functionality of each page.

Your website requirements doc is essential for clear communication between our strategy, design, copy, and development teams. It’s also a critical tool for clear communication as we move forward with your website.

Website Wireframes

Live blueprints that focus on the strategy and functionality of the website

Each page and layout, button and form element, images and content buckets are sketched out in our wireframe software and published for you to view live in your requirements doc. As you send us your feedback, your wireframes are updated instantly. Each time you approve a layout, we send it over to our front end web development ninjas to create in the staging site.

Workflow Diagrams

Strategic, step-by-step diagram of your pages, click-funnels, and data

Each user and website visitor follows a specific path outlined by your website conversion goals. We create and maintain a visual workflow diagram which clearly shows each path, along with what’s happening in the background.  Even if your website is communicating with 3rd party software, you’ll be able to easily reference your workflows to have full knowledge of what’s going on. This is also a live document, so as we evolve your website, the diagrams change with them. You will aways be in control.

Website Live Design/Development

The traditional website design process is a tedious process of back-and-forth that can stall a project before it gets moving

Since our background is in digital marketing, our job is to know what works and what doesn’t for each particular goal. We understand the working methods behind conversion optimization, and know how to turn a website visitor into a customer. By the time you’ve approved all of the wireframes, we’ve already built 75% of your staging website. With that in mind, we like to dive in and build, so you can see our ideas live across all web and mobile devices. This process can save you weeks of design back-and-forth.

Images & Graphics

Quickly develop a success visual experience, without the Mad Men presentations

We have a great process for selecting the perfect fully-licensed images for your website design, as well as creating unique, beautiful graphic designs that will influence your website users.

We start with our image selection process, rapidly updating example sets of images from our HUGE stock photo collection. As you choose the images you like, we create collections that match, quickly refining the overall visual experience of your audience. At any time, you can accept or reject an image from your collection, or select for an A/B test to understand how your audience reacts to them. Once selected, they are cropped, edited, and converted into Next-Gen image formats like WebP for crisp detail and super fast loading.


Creating content that influences, builds trust, and enhances your reputation

As we are in the live-design-development process, you’ll notice gibberish like “Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit” where the content will be. This helps you understand how the content we write affects the overall design and layout of the page. As we add (actual) website content into the pages, we tag you to review and approve. Once the website copy for a page is approved, you will have full front-end editing capability to tweak at any time.

Rapid Feedback Loop

Once a page or a template is ready, we give you instant access to review and approve. Our feedback process is simple, fast, and effective. Just hit the feedback icon, send your feedback, optionally including screenshots or attachments. This creates a request in our project management system, and you’ll be notified when it’s ready for your approval. This process is critical for the final mile before launch.