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web design and development seattle

Web Design and Development

Our web design and development team works with you to develop a solid understanding of your goals as well as to plan out a beautiful marketing-focused website that you can build on for years to come. We take everything into consideration and ensure that your website is not just a digital brochure for your business, but a catalyst for new business and reputation growth.

Customized, white-glove web design and development solutions can be great, but the initial and ongoing expenses can increase exponentially as you grow. Our modular approach solves this problem before it starts. Using our proven internet marketing strategies and techniques, Steelsmith Haus partners with the best companies in the world for their unique specialties, and integrates them perfectly.

Steelsmith Haus develops close partnerships with dozens of the top companies that marketing tools, web applications and software. These companies create, maintain, fix and constantly improve their own solutions. We also partner with tools specifically created to help all of these solutions work together, and we integrate them perfectly with your company.

We’re marketing and technology geeks, constantly discovering and trying out new cutting edge tools for our clients. This saves you thousands and gives you a competitive edge as your company grows and the industry landscape changes.

Web Design and Development Examples

Web Design & Development Benefits

Effective images, graphics and professional marketing copywriters

Advanced marketing-customized layouts responsive across all browsers and mobile devices

Partnerships with premium WordPress development software to expand your functionality as you grow

Dual levels of security at the website and dedicated server level to protect your business from hackers and viruses

Conversion optimization using A/B testing techniques to ensure the most calls and form submissions

Dynamic phone numbers adjust automatically depending on where your users come from

Custom integrations with your existing software applications and CRM’s

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web design and development seattle

Web Design and Development Process


Taking the combined knowledge we’ve gained from your business model, target audience, and goals, we develop an effective design based on a solid mix of current style and effective elements that ensure that every inch of your website is an opportunity for growth. Combining up-to-date research and technology with our 30+ years of combined design experience, our websites are a solid foundation for your success.


Upon launch, we measure your major KPI’s like time on site, average pages per user as well as total conversions like form leads, calls, email sign ups and guide downloads. These are tracked monthly to ensure consistent improvement. We also employ technology like user session recording and heat mapping to develop a complete picture as to how your users interact with the website.


As our analytics team develops a complete understanding of your website, we begin A/B testing different page layouts and elements to discover the combinations that lead to better performance. We also employ a software application that records your user sessions, so we can identify any potential issues or ideas for improvement.

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