About Steelsmith Haus

Get to know our team, our history, and our promise to you

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What's a Steelsmith?

Steelsmith is the last name of our Founder, Andrew Steelsmith. This unique name comes from the German-surname Stahlschmidt. His family has been in the US since the 1790s when they sailed from Plittershagan, a nearly hidden village near the town of Freudenberg, Westphalia Germany. After an exhaustive genealogical search, Andrew traveled to Germany and discovered the Stahlschmidt Haus, a literal ancestral home built in the 1100s and still standing. This trip inspired Andrew to create a legacy for his family and rename the company from Steelsmith Group to Steelsmith Haus in honor of his family history.

Our Commitment

Less Talk

We are committed to communicating with you at least weekly with regular, actionable updates and no fuzzy numbers or metrics that don't help move your needle


We are committed to giving our clients realistic project plans with deliverable dates that represent added time for unforeseen events. We will not pass along our curveballs to our clients.

Straight Shootin'

We are committed to giving it to you straight by managing expectations, pushing back when we're off course, and providing alternate ideas backed by our past experience

Take The Wheel

We've got this. We'll take ownership and initiative of our domain, knowing when to ask for forgiveness rather than permission. Your time is valuable, so we'll focus on the results.

Our Leadership

Andrew Steelsmith

Founder & Captain

  • Born and Raised in the Pacific Northwest

  • US Coast Guard Veteran

  • Business Administration

  • 15 Year Entrepreneur

  • 3rd Year Dad - One on the way

  • Travel, boats, whiskey, guitar, and house projects