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What Did We Build?

We are thrilled to announce the successful completion of an exciting project undertaken for Site Response, Inc., a prominent provider of industrial safety training based in Olympia, Washington. Our collaboration with Site Response, Inc. involved the creation of a comprehensive website that not only showcases their expertise and services but also provides robust control and management capabilities for their team.

Site Response approached Steelsmith Haus armed with a logo only, which served as the foundation for the website’s visual identity. With the logo in hand, we embarked on developing a fully responsive website that offers an exceptional user experience across different devices and screen sizes. Through our implementation of responsive design principles, visitors can seamlessly navigate the website and access crucial information from any platform or device.

In addition to a visually appealing and responsive design, we incorporated comprehensive controls to empower the Site Response, Inc. team. An integrated learning management system was integrated into the website, allowing the company to effortlessly deliver and manage their industrial safety training courses. This system ensures a streamlined and efficient learning experience for trainees while providing Site Response, Inc. with robust administrative tools for content management and tracking progress.

To further enhance their team’s capabilities, we created a dynamic dashboard that centralizes the management of form leads and calls. This dashboard enables Site Response, Inc. to efficiently track and follow up on inquiries, ensuring prompt and effective communication with potential clients. The dashboard also provides valuable analytics and insights to support data-driven decision-making and optimize lead generation strategies.

Moreover, we equipped Site Response, Inc. with full front-end editing capabilities, empowering their team to make real-time updates and modifications to the website’s content and design. This functionality allows them to stay agile and responsive to evolving industry trends, course offerings, and client needs without relying on external assistance.

We are immensely proud of this project and confident that the new website will play a pivotal role in expanding Site Response, Inc.’s online presence, streamlining their training processes, and fostering stronger engagement with their audience.

Project Highlights

  • Unique Industrial Web Design
  • Front-End Editing for Images and Text
  • Integrated Client Dashboard to Manage Leads
  • Advanced Forms for Training Class Attendence
  • Online Course Material
  • Dynamic Assessment Content