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Brand Marketing & Company Logo Design Seattle Brewed

Developing a consistent brand identity that speaks to your target audience is essential. We’ll help you establish a highly effective look and style based on hours of research and interviews with your team. This isn’t just about a great company logo design either. We work with you to establish the most effective and authoritative company graphics, color pallets and brand messaging.

Brand Marketing & Logo Design Benefits

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  • Custom brand identity style plan for all platforms and mediums for consistency across the web

  • Targeted customer personas with customized message strategies to maximize your results

  • Control your brand’s voice and message across all digital marketing channels

  • Beautiful company logo designs customized for your website, social media and display advertising

  • Unique value propositions for each customer segment designed to convert visitors into customers

“Steelsmith Haus has provided us with internet marketing and web development services for over 4 years. In that time we have had enormously successful digital marketing campaigns for several of our industries. They also developed a quote application that allows users to receive a quote and purchase insurance. All of these efforts are producing regular leads and increased business.”

seattle search engine marketingJosh Ring, Vice President, El Dorado Insurance Agency, INC

“Steelsmith provided dependable online marketing services to Meissner Jacquét Commercial Real Estate Services.  Their email and content marketing services were excellent. I would recommend Steelsmith Haus to anyone looking for a team to coordinate their online marketing services.”

seattle digital marketing companyDanielle D'Andrea, Sales & Marketing Manager, Meissner Jacquét

“In the 3 years we’ve been working with Steelsmith Haus, they have been instrumental in growing our search engine traffic by nearly 200% while expanding our local presence from San Diego to Los Angeles and Seattle. Andrew and his team have helped refine our Sales & Marketing process which resulted in an increase of over 125% increase in leads.”

digital marketing company seattleHunter Jensen, CEO, Barefoot Solutions, INC
“I hired Steelsmith Haus for Content Marketing services for a series of articles. Christine and her team of copywriters did an outstanding job of interpreting my ramblings with little direction and delivered articles that matched my tone and humor. They did a phenomenal job at asking questions and listening to how I want to speak to my target audience.”
top seo companiesJeff Perkins, Broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty

10 Years in Business. 5 Industry Web Platforms. 12 Dedicated Experts.


Brand Identity & Company Logo Design Process

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company logo design
company logo design

The first step to building a solid brand identity is our Brand Strategy Interview. We’ll have a bunch of questions for you! These are meant to understand your existing brand, target audience and message. We have several goals to accomplish including Persona Development, Establishing your Corporate Voice and defining your Selling and Value Propositions.

Next, we dive into our Brand Identity projects in order to establish your messaging, colors, logo and more.

Measuring your brand is a constant process of A/B testing different logos, colors and messaging across all of our marketing channels. It’s important to always closely track your KPI’s (Key Performance Metrics) like time on site and conversion rate to quickly learn how your audience responds. The majority of this testing is accomplished through testing different versions of your website, testing search engine ads, emails, and social media channels.

Each month, we’ll meet to talk about how your audience is responding to your website, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing and social media among others. We will introduce “brand identity tweaks” in order to test how your audience responds to a slightly different logo, color scheme, content voice, display ads, emails and social media posts. Our Build-Measure-Optimize process helps your brand identity continually evolve with your industry and audience.

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