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Social Media Marketing

Targeted Social Media Engagement

Social Media Marketing is a critical function in the digital marketing strategy for any business. While many businesses use Social Media Marketing as a “shoutbox” for announcements and specials, Steelsmith Haus Social Media marketing services involve providing educational, timely and entertaining content that is distributed across multiple Social Media platforms and shared. The goal of Social Media Marketing is to grow an engaged audience of target customers, industry professionals, and existing customers. If combined with effective outreach to grow followers in each platform like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter, the benefits exponentially grow beyond simple brand awareness. Search Engines use your Social Media engagement as a major factor in how your website ranks. Also, an article, infographic or video that is viewed and shared often get more visibility which compounds the results exponentially.

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Social Media Marketing Benefits

  • Comprehensive Corporate Voice Profile to maintain brand message consistency across all Social Media marketing channels

  • Curation of educational, entertaining and timely articles amplified across the Social Media marketing platforms

  • Beautiful & informative infographics with expert research that live on your website and attract relevant, qualified prospects

  • Proactive engagement with Social Media influencers, groups and trending topics to increase followers and traffic

  • Solid Social Media Community Management to provide integrated Customer Service and Reputation Management

  • Targeted distribution of optimized content through social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and More

Our Social Media Marketing Process

Projecting a professional, consistent image across Social Media channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and more is a huge step in building an effective channel to connect and grow an audience. Steelsmith Haus Social Media Design & Setup involves creating beautiful graphics that attract visitors while maintaining a consistent brand image. Also, we set up a combination of powerful software, platform-specific messaging and editorial calendars to ensure the strategic implementation of your Social Media Campaigns. Also, we use powerful analytics software to accurately measure and optimize the effectiveness of your campaigns, giving you the right feedback to enhance your strategy.

Once a well-planned Social Media strategy is established and your editorial calendar is full, it’s time to grow. Steelsmith Haus Ongoing Social Media management is about telling your story, engaging your audience and distributing content that your audience loves. As we learn more about your audience in each of your Social Media platforms, the ability to discover opportunities and grow your audience becomes more important than ever.

Using our Build-Measure-Optimize process, we comb through our robust analytics to determine the most effective content for your audience along with the best performing platforms. Once we’ve gained a foothold among your target audience, the next step is to grow that audience through outreach. Social Media outreach is effectively communicating via Social Media and gaining valuable connections among the most influential people and groups in each platform. Combined with continually refining your Content Marketing efforts, we gain valuable shares which can propel your articles, infographics, videos and more. Constant effort with Social Media pays dividends across all marketing channels.


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