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Your Content-Centric, Seattle-Brewed SEO Company

While other SEO companies are link building, our locally-brewed SEO company is creating keyword-optimized articles, infographics, and videos to increase your website authority, audience, and industry reputation. With our proven SEO strategy, your content will pull double-duty, increasing your traffic and industry authority for years to come.

Why Us

Why choose Steelsmith Haus over other SEO Companies?

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Optimize your website for visibility while creating long-lasting reputation benefits through smart content strategies

Our SEO Experts rapidly increase your domain and page authority without search engine penalties

Increase your industry authority and reptuation while maximizing your traffic from Google & Bing

Unlike your regular SEO agency, we integrate your SEO with your Content Marketing, Email & Social Media

We integrate and repurpose articles, blogs, video, and infographics to maximize your search traffic

We’re a family owned and operated Search Engine Optimization Company

“Steelsmith Haus has provided us with internet marketing and web development services for over 4 years. In that time we have had enormously successful digital marketing campaigns for several of our industries. They also developed a quote application that allows users to receive a quote and purchase insurance. All of these efforts are producing regular leads and increased business.”

seattle search engine marketingJosh Ring, Vice President, El Dorado Insurance Agency, INC

“Steelsmith provided dependable online marketing services to Meissner Jacquét Commercial Real Estate Services.  Their email and content marketing services were excellent. I would recommend Steelsmith Haus to anyone looking for a team to coordinate their online marketing services.”

seattle digital marketing companyDanielle D'Andrea, Sales & Marketing Manager, Meissner Jacquét

“In the 3 years we’ve been working with Steelsmith Haus, they have been instrumental in growing our search engine traffic by nearly 200% while expanding our local presence from San Diego to Los Angeles and Seattle. Andrew and his team have helped refine our Sales & Marketing process which resulted in an increase of over 125% increase in leads.”

digital marketing company seattleHunter Jensen, CEO, Barefoot Solutions, INC
“I hired Steelsmith Haus for Content Marketing services for a series of articles. Christine and her team of copywriters did an outstanding job of interpreting my ramblings with little direction and delivered articles that matched my tone and humor. They did a phenomenal job at asking questions and listening to how I want to speak to my target audience.”
top seo companiesJeff Perkins, Broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty

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seattle seo company

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250 Clients in 12 States. 37 Certifications. 18 Industries.


Our Seattle SEO Strategy

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Content-Centric SEO Strategy

Steelsmith Haus provides content-centric SEO solutions across dozens of industries. SEO isn’t just about optimizing your website for words people are typing into Google, it’s about finding opportunities that your competition hasn’t and capitalizing on them using actual search data from Google.

Deep-Dive Keyword Research

Our content-centric SEO marketing process involves many hours of deep-dive keyword research to understand how your potential customers are searching for your business. We’ll also look at how your competition stacks up as well as the reputation of other websites that link to yours. This content-centric SEO strategy ensures you have the best reputation and authority possible while staying flexible to capitalize on opportunities to drive more qualified traffic leads to your business.

Powerful SEO Tools

One of the reasons Steelsmith Haus is more affordable than other search engine optimization companies is our significant investment in cutting-edge technology designed to learn and evolve with your SEO strategy. Our extensive SEO service involves a full-scale integration with our software applications as well as ensuring you are properly set up with advantageous tools and services provided by Google, Bing and the other search engines. We’ll also set up customized reporting designed to give you regular, timely updates on our progress as we evolve your SEO strategy and execution.

Build Organic SEO Traffic

SEO Marketing is about structuring your website’s code, content, images and individual pages in a way that signals to the search engines what your website is really about. Using our bullet-proof SEO Strategy as a guide, we completely overhaul each page of your website in order to rank for the most relevant keywords possible. We also ensure a flawless experience for the search engines like Google and Bing when they visit your website, growing the authority of each webpage so it can rank higher than your competitors.

Watch the SEO Signals

As search engine marketing evolves and search engines become smarter, they use more and more “signals” to decide who’s on top for a particular keyword search phrase. Signals include things like how friendly your website is on mobile, how quick it loads and how integrated your website is with Social Media. Unlike other SEO marketing companies, our experienced SEO specialists use powerful SEO software to ensure the increased visibility and growth across all digital marketing channels.

Build Search Engine Authority

Unlink other SEO marketing companies, our link building strategy, methods, and processes are as future-proof as you can get. Not long ago it was easy to rank in the top few spots for any given keywords if you were in enough directories or sent out enough fake press releases. As the search engines learn about your target audience, they’re working hard to give the most relevant search results possible. Our Off-Page SEO and Ongoing Link Building process are all about building your authority across the web. Too often we meet new clients who have hired agencies that do nothing but build low-quality links that lead to your website. These links are often in a “bad neighborhood” and penalized by Google & Bing for trying to game the system. When you’re in a bad neighborhood, it’s difficult to not be penalized with the other websites.

Build Industry Influence

We’ll work with your existing networks, partner websites as well as our established network of high-authority publishers to ensure that each page on your website gets the most visibility possible. We also work with you to produce quality, SEO optimized content that is useful to your target audience and distribute that content to the highest quality websites, Social Media platforms and more to ensure constant growth that will last for years.

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Why Trust Steelsmith Haus with your SEO Marketing?

Our SEO marketing focus hasn’t changed since 2010: We grow your traffic, convert that traffic to leads, nurture those leads and automate the heck out of the processes that waste your time and money. We build, test, measure, scale, and repeat. There is no secret sauce, just really good checklists.

Family owned since 2010

Try us out with a single project

Integrated web, search & content

Alex Zabaski
Alex Zabaski
18:40 25 May 18
I hired Steelsmith Haus after an exhaustive search for a digital marketing agency that could create an ecommerce website and provide local SEO services, I basically took them an idea and they made it into a business. I started with their web design package and SEO services are ramping up now. So far, they are easier to work with than other SEO companies as they are also a web design company and web development company. My personal trainer website is beautiful and I will be starting pay per click marketing as well as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing in the coming weeks. Steelsmith Haus is a phenomenal marketing agency and I 100% recommended them for anyone looking for digital marketing companies.
Josh Edwards
Josh Edwards
18:50 21 Feb 18
We were looking for an internet marketing company in Seattle and found Steelsmith Haus based on a recommendation. They put together a good marketing strategy with phases. We started on the branding stage and then web design and development. We are on the search engine marketing stage now and are starting to see some good results in terms of leads, but I know we have a ways to go to finish the marketing setup stages. So far so good.
Quentin Eugene
Quentin Eugene
02:52 11 Jun 17
We've been working with Steelsmith Group for the better part of 3 years. I can say confidently that we've grown as a result of their marketing plan, and will continue to work with them. While they have gone through a major transition to a family company, they've come through the other side and have ironed out their "growing pains" as they're getting bigger. Some positives: Their website platform is awesome, and they regularly update our site as a part of their upgrades. Their google and bing work has been good, and has become a major source of website traffic for us They regularly do articles and graphics for our blog, and (while it takes a while) it's a solid source of new and returning visitors They've seriously upgraded things in terms of web development, and are regularly adding new automation and features We get an email weekly with stats, and while it's overload, it's good to dig into when our guys have questions
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