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Salesforce CRM Training, Integration & Implementation Services

Salesforce Customer relationship management (CRM) software is the heart of a company. It’s where you store all the data concerning past, present, and potential customers, and it keeps you up to date on the entire customer lifecycle from marketing to sales and service. With the proper setup and management of Salesforce CRM software, our Steelsmith Haus Salesforce CRM Consultant will help you streamline your sales, marketing, and customer service workflows for your business, saving you time and money.

Planning, migrating, customizing and Salesforce training is a daunting task for any company. With a nearly 45% adoption failure rate across all industries, you need solid CRM services and strategies for a successful implementation. It doesn’t matter which CRM you choose. If you don’t have the right team to help implement, you’re more than likely going to be a part of that 45%.

Salesforce Training & Salesforce Consultant Benefits

Organize all of your company’s information in a clear and actionable format

Live dashboards with leads, prospects and customers to enhance productivity

Thousands of applications and customizations to easily integrate with any company workflow

Enhance your internal communication and organizational workflow

Drastically improve your customer service and lower your staff overhead

Increase workflow efficiency between multiple departments and teams

Salesforce Implementation Questions?

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Not convinced? How about:

  • No long term contracts or vague promises
  • Affordable, proven and effective plans dozens of industries
  • Clear, predictable pricing based on your marketing budget
  • Weekly and monthly performance and ROI reports

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Salesforce Training & Salesforce Integration Process



Our approach is simple: We begin with adoption in mind.

Most CRM services companies are full of programmers, with little industry and (more importantly) people knowledge. Our CRM services staff includes sales, marketing, programming and training professionals with hundreds of combined implementations under their belt. How do we do it? We start with a quick consult to understand your company and goals and then set up discovery sessions to meet with the right people to get them on board with the idea of making the switch. We want to make sure that we have champions of the idea in your organization, and that everyone understands the benefits (and potential hurdles) of moving to CRM software. We’ll help you choose the right solution, or recommend something else altogether depending on what we discover about your organization and processes. Once everyone is moving in the same direction, we put together a complete workflow, customization, migration, training and rollout plan that outlines the whole project… step by step.


We’ll lock our web developers in a closet and completely customize your CRM software based on everything we’ve learned about your company. Keep in mind, we’ve taken time to learn about your existing processes and systems, so we can create a completely familiar workflow and interface. We’ll create custom fields, triggers, 3rd party software integrations, design templates, and automate the everything to make sure you’re saving money from day one. Your software will work with your website, existing systems and databases too. Then, we’ll start safely migrating your data over to to the new system, carefully planning with data security in mind.




For our larger clients, we start with a targeted pilot program designed to work out any kinks in the process and test the overall effectiveness of the implementation and training. This is especially useful for companies with multiple branches or departments locally or internationally. For the rest of you, we’ll work directly with the teams as we roll out the system in stages, giving your staff the time to adjust to the system without severe disruption to normal operations.



Our developers have done their job and now it’s time for our training staff to show their stuff. Our training staff are key individuals specializing in setting up individual, group and recorded training sessions specifically designed to ensure 100% confidence in the new system. We’ll even identify potential adoption risks and schedule regular follow-up training to ensure they’re not still using sticky notes on the side. Later on, we’ll schedule training with new staff to make sure they’re comfortable and proficient with the software.



Our support services are available at a moments notice for any issues needed. We have direct phone, chat and ticket support systems available and customized for each of our clients, assuring satisfied clients at all stages of adoption. Once you plug into your software and experience the freedom and efficiency of your new CRM software, you’ll be able to relax knowing you dodged bullets by working with Steelsmith Haus.

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