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ppc management seattle

PPC Management & PPC Marketing

PPC Marketing, or Pay Per Click Marketing, is the fastest way to establish a steady flow of qualified traffic going to your website. It allows for the ability to quickly test a particular product or service as well as gather valuable data on how people search them. Steelsmith Haus PPC Management can give your business a rapid competitive advantage especially when your data is used in conjunction with your Search Engine Optimization strategy.

However, if not properly executed, PPC Marketing can be a huge waste of your company’s money. Steelsmith Haus’s combination of 20+ years of combined PPC Management experience along with our sophisticated software applications ensures that you are generating quality leads and paying less for them.

PPC Marketing & PPC Management Benefits

Deep-Dive PPC Marketing keyword research to discover opportunities across all of your products and services

High-conversion search and display ads with phone call tracking, local ad extensions, site links and call-outs to qualify prospects and maximize your click through rate

Geotargeted campaigns and landing pages with local call tracking numbers to increase ad relevancy to your prospects

PPC Search Remarketing & Retargeting to identify prospects and show them highly targeted ads across future searches as well as vast display ad networks

Maximized Quality Scores to pay less than your competitors for the same ad positions across all networks and platforms

ppc management seattle

PPC Marketing & PPC Management Process


The Steelsmith Haus PPC Management team starts with a deep dive product/service and competitive analysis to establish a set of quality keywords that your customers are searching for and your competitors aren’t. We work to give you the most information possible on what to expect, how much to budget and what your anticipated results will be. As we gather data from your campaigns, we constantly update this strategy as we discover valuable opportunities across multiple Paid Search platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads as well as Social PPC like Facebook.

Our PPC Marketing team works in tandem with powerful software applications to create an optimally designed campaign structure that evolves quickly as we gather real, actionable data from the search engines. We start with deep-dive keyword research to establish high volume keyword sets for each product or service. We continue at the end to design an industry-proven, relevant landing page that is specifically designed to convert PPC visitors into leads. We create relevant content and ads based on our huge keyword lists that evolve as grow your campaigns. We even design display ads that show up across millions of websites specifically designed and targeted for people who have already visited your website before.

Part of a successful campaign is the ability to effectively structure a campaign and design an effective strategy. Once you’re ready to launch, it’s time to be ready to adapt and expand. Our implementation process involves a proven launch process that quickly identifies the most effective keyword, ad and landing page combinations and expands them into a highly relevant network. This process starts with a laser-focused pilot that tests your campaign and allows us to collect that data quickly and effectively while ensuring each penny is being tracked accurately throughout all campaigns and Paid Search platforms.

One of our most successful PPC Management strategies is to build locally-optimized campaign structures, ads and landing pages for each state or major metro area including local phone numbers that track exactly how they found you and even what keywords they typed to land on your website. Once we’ve established a highly effective local campaign, it’s time to grow. We rapidly expand a quality network of landing pages, ads and localized keywords specifically developed for each local area, ensuring that you are in control as you grow and achieve a reliable and successful Paid Search ROI.


While there are several major Paid Search platforms in existence, understanding where to put your money (and how much you’re getting back) isn’t always easy. These platforms are often enormously complicated and require many resources to manage. Combining our PPC specialists with our robust software applications is a huge win for our customers both in cost savings and results. We employ the most sophisticated conversion tracking techniques across multiple paid search platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn and integrate all of them into our software. This allows us to exponentially evolve your campaigns and track each click, form lead and call through our analytics software.

Our form event tracking combined with dynamic call tracking ensures that we have full tracking abilities including both new and returning visitors. The insights we gain are bolstered by our landing page and form conversion optimization. Our user recording and heat mapping technology allow us to quickly adjust your entire form application workflow to provide the most intuitive user experience possible and maximize leads.


This is where our Build-Measure-Optimize process really shines. Once your campaigns are launched and the traffic is coming in and the phones are ringing, the real work begins. Our ongoing management is a weekly process that involves a combination of testing different landing pages, ads, and keyword combinations to understand the most effective combinations. Also, our powerful software applications help us identify new keyword possibilities as well as words that you don’t want triggering your ads. As we gather more data, we quickly expand your campaigns creating groups of ads and landing pages specifically designed for the high-performing keywords which make them even cheaper for you to bid on compared to your competition. Our weekly bid adjustments, ad and landing page optimizations ensure you are getting the most leads for the least amount of money possible.

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