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We're a PPC Company Seattle Brewed

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Expansive knowledge of Adwords management, Bing Ads, Facebook and more

Our Seattle PPC firm experts deep-dive to research and discover new opportunities

High-conversion ads with call sourcing and extensions to maximize your clicks

Local campaigns and landing pages with call tracking to increase ad relevancy

PPC retargeting to identify prospects and directly deliver highly targeted ads

Maximum ad relevance to pay less than your competitors for the same ad positions

“Steelsmith Haus has provided us with internet marketing and web development services for over 4 years. In that time we have had enormously successful digital marketing campaigns for several of our industries. They also developed a quote application that allows users to receive a quote and purchase insurance. All of these efforts are producing regular leads and increased business.”

seattle search engine marketingJosh Ring, Vice President, El Dorado Insurance Agency, INC

“Steelsmith provided dependable online marketing services to Meissner Jacquét Commercial Real Estate Services.  Their email and content marketing services were excellent. I would recommend Steelsmith Haus to anyone looking for a team to coordinate their online marketing services.”

seattle digital marketing companyDanielle D'Andrea, Sales & Marketing Manager, Meissner Jacquét

“In the 3 years we’ve been working with Steelsmith Haus, they have been instrumental in growing our search engine traffic by nearly 200% while expanding our local presence from San Diego to Los Angeles and Seattle. Andrew and his team have helped refine our Sales & Marketing process which resulted in an increase of over 125% increase in leads.”

digital marketing company seattleHunter Jensen, CEO, Barefoot Solutions, INC
“I hired Steelsmith Haus for Content Marketing services for a series of articles. Christine and her team of copywriters did an outstanding job of interpreting my ramblings with little direction and delivered articles that matched my tone and humor. They did a phenomenal job at asking questions and listening to how I want to speak to my target audience.”
top seo companiesJeff Perkins, Broker, RE/MAX Metro Realty

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ppc firm seattle

ppc firm seattle

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250 Clients in 12 States. 37 Certifications. 18 Industries.


Our Core PPC Advertising Strategy

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[block] [b]Deep-Dive Keyword Research[/b]

The Steelsmith Haus PPC company Seattle team starts with a deep dive analysis to establish a set of quality keywords that your customers are searching for and your competitors aren’t. We work to give you the most information possible on what to expect, how much to budget and what your anticipated results will be. Our PPC Marketing team works in tandem with powerful software applications to create an optimally designed campaign structure that evolves quickly as we gather real, actionable data from the search engines.

[b]Campain Strategy & Setup[/b]

One of our most successful PPC advertising strategies is to build locally-optimized campaign structures, ads and landing pages for each state or major metro area including local phone numbers that track exactly how they found you and even what keywords they typed to land on your website. Once we’ve established a highly effective local campaign, it’s time to grow. We rapidly expand a quality network of landing pages, ads and localized keywords specifically developed for each local area, ensuring that you are in control as you grow and achieve a reliable and successful Paid Search ROI.

[block] [b]Track Everything for a Clear ROI[/b]

Combining our Seattle PPC company experts with our robust software applications is a huge win for our customers both in cost savings and results. While there are several major Paid Search platforms in existence, understanding where to put your money (and how much you’re getting back) isn’t always easy. These platforms are often enormously complicated and require many resources to manage. We’re a PPC firm Seattle based employing the most sophisticated conversion tracking techniques across multiple paid search platforms like Google Adwords, Bing Ads, Facebook and LinkedIn and integrate all of them into our software. This allows us to exponentially evolve your campaigns and track each click, form lead and call through our analytics software.

[b]Call & Event Tracking[/b]

Our form event tracking combined with dynamic call tracking ensures that we have full tracking abilities including both new and returning visitors. The insights we gain are bolstered by our landing page and form conversion optimization. Our user recording and heat mapping technology allows us to quickly adjust your entire form application workflow to provide the most intuitive user experience possible and maximize leads.

[block] [b]Constant Improvement[/b]

As a PPC management company, we really shine in our Build-Measure-Optimize process. Once your campaigns are launched and the phones are ringing, the real work begins. Our ongoing pay per click management is a weekly process that involves a combination of testing different landing pages, ads, and keyword combinations to understand the most effective combinations. Also, our powerful software applications help us identify new keyword possibilities as well as words that you don’t want triggering your ads. As we gather more data, we quickly expand your campaigns creating groups of ads and landing pages specifically designed for the high-performing keywords which make them even cheaper for you to bid on compared to your competition. Our weekly bid adjustments, ad and landing page optimizations ensure you are getting the most leads for the least amount of money possible.


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Why Trust Steelsmith Haus as your PPC Marketing Company?

Our PPC marketing company focus hasn’t changed since 2010: We grow your traffic, convert that traffic to leads, nurture those leads and automate the heck out of the processes that waste your time and money. We build, test, measure, scale, and repeat. There is no secret sauce, just really good checklists.

Family Seattle PPC company since 2010

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Alex Zabaski
Alex Zabaski
18:40 25 May 18
I hired Steelsmith Haus after an exhaustive search for a digital marketing agency that could create an ecommerce website and provide local SEO services, I basically took them an idea and they made it into a business. I started with their web design package and SEO services are ramping up now. So far, they are easier to work with than other SEO companies as they are also a web design company and web development company. My personal trainer website is beautiful and I will be starting pay per click marketing as well as content marketing, social media marketing, and email marketing in the coming weeks. Steelsmith Haus is a phenomenal marketing agency and I 100% recommended them for anyone looking for digital marketing companies.
Josh Edwards
Josh Edwards
18:50 21 Feb 18
We were looking for an internet marketing company in Seattle and found Steelsmith Haus based on a recommendation. They put together a good marketing strategy with phases. We started on the branding stage and then web design and development. We are on the search engine marketing stage now and are starting to see some good results in terms of leads, but I know we have a ways to go to finish the marketing setup stages. So far so good.
Quentin Eugene
Quentin Eugene
02:52 11 Jun 17
We've been working with Steelsmith Group for the better part of 3 years. I can say confidently that we've grown as a result of their marketing plan, and will continue to work with them. While they have gone through a major transition to a family company, they've come through the other side and have ironed out their "growing pains" as they're getting bigger. Some positives: Their website platform is awesome, and they regularly update our site as a part of their upgrades. Their google and bing work has been good, and has become a major source of website traffic for us They regularly do articles and graphics for our blog, and (while it takes a while) it's a solid source of new and returning visitors They've seriously upgraded things in terms of web development, and are regularly adding new automation and features We get an email weekly with stats, and while it's overload, it's good to dig into when our guys have questions
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