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Marketing Consultant Services

Thought about hiring a marketing consultant? Steelsmith Haus provides Digital Marketing Consulting and technology consulting services for a wide range of areas of industry specialties. Our Internet Marketing Consultant services are comprised of weekly and monthly strategy sessions, analytics analysis and in-depth marketing training that give our clients the ability to understand and control the trajectory of their business in the digital world. Our marketing consulting services are included in our full-service Digital Marketing Roadmap program or à la carte to provide business owners with the digital marketing tools and techniques to increase revenue and decrease their bottom line.

Digital Marketing Consultant Benefits

Learn effective tools and techniques without the cost of full-service marketing

Increase website traffic, leads and sales from dozens of marketing channels

Decrease your overhead while automating time-intensive processes

Integrate your software applications and save valuable time and money

Gain valuable insights on your customers and competitors

Take control of your marketing and technology without hiring full-service firms

Questions for a Digital Marketing Consultant?

Click below to get a No-Cost Digital Marketing Consult. We’ll take a few minutes to pick your brain about your company, goals and challenges to come up with a plan that is right for your company.

We’re not like other Digital Marketing Consultants:

  • No long term contracts or vague promises
  • Affordable, proven and effective plans dozens of industries
  • Clear, predictable pricing based on your marketing budget
  • Weekly and monthly performance and ROI reports

Need more proof? Connect with us and we’ll show you actual results from real customers so you can see for yourself.

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digital marketing consultant seattle

Our Marketing Consulting Process


Our Digital Marketing Consulting process begins with a simple discovery call to understand your company, goals and challenges you and your company face. On our very first call, our Marketing Consultant creates your Master Strategy Document which is a living document meant to evolve as your business grows.

We call the build phase of this process the “firefighting” phase. Most of our clients have “fires” that need to be put out before we can help develop a clear strategic picture and plan. We aim for quick action and results to solve those sticky problems we all run into. When the smoke clears, we begin to build strategically while considering both short and long-term goals.


The ability to organize, benchmark and measure progress as we dive in is critical. We’ll make sure to set you up with the right tools and develop Key Performance Metrics (or KPI’s). KPI’s are a critical component to the success of our clients. This can include anything from regular marketing analytics reports, sales pipeline conversion reports and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. We have the tools and resources available to give you the KPI’s you need without the typical time and cost involved with full-service marketing services.


Each week or month, we’ll meet to look at your KPI’s and the influencing factors involved. We’ll work together to brainstorm ideas to test and implement as “course corrections”. We also work with you on developing your Master Strategy Document to include internal processes. These are usually checklists, flowcharts and Gantt charts designed to record the inner workings of your business. We call this the DNA of your company.

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