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Marketing Automation Seattle Brewed

Automating your major marketing processes is a major step in building a solid and future-proof automation marketing foundation. Whether you’ve just started building your business or scaling up, Marketing Automation is a critical component of your digital marketing strategy.  As you grow your marketing investments, each website visitor becomes more targeted and relevant to your products and services. The ability to properly track, qualify, convert and follow up with that visitor is a key factor in increasing your ROI and lowering your costs.

As Steelsmith Haus builds and grows your marketing channels, our core focus is to ensure that your overhead is not increasing as your website traffic, leads and sales grow. We deploy the absolute best marketing automation tools and techniques across all facets of your business through our dozens of web application and software partnerships.

We flip typical marketing automation companies’ funnels on their heads and start with the end result:

Real Marketing Automation Conversions, Not Just Leads

Anyone can get leads. Leads are really just names and numbers that fit some sort of criteria. While useful in some cases, they’re a drop in the bucket compared to the true value of an inbound marketing conversion. A conversion is a prospect pressing a submit button on a form to contact you or someone filling out an insurance application. It’s a phone call, or a user downloading a handy checklist by signing up for your newsletter. A conversion is a real prospect that arrived at your website while looking for something via one of your internet marketing channels.

Conversions are practically money in the bank and we don’t want to waste them. 

Steelsmith Haus ensures that each conversion is automatically sourced, segmented, stored and regularly nurtured (no matter how long it takes) until you cash in. Our Marketing Automation doesn’t stop there. We understand the typical sales cycles of your customers and work to nurture and retain that customer for the next time around.

Marketing Automation Benefits

 Your administrative costs won’t balloon as your business grows

Your prospects can qualify, apply, receive a quote and purchase all online

Follow up regularly for prospects that didn’t close, or to renew existing prospects

Learn who your most qualified prospects are and ensure they’re at the top of your list

View critical company metrics on your live dashboard to make informed decisions

Know instantly exactly where every website visitor and phone call came from

Marketing Automation Questions?

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Not convinced? How about:

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  • Clear, predictable pricing based on your marketing budget
  • Weekly and monthly performance and ROI reports

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Marketing Automation Process


This phase is arguably the most critical of all for the long-term success of your marketing campaigns. Increasing visibility, building quality traffic, growing an audience and nurturing prospects all hinge on the ability to understand and communicate with customers and prospects. Creating a workflow and employing automated marketing applications designed to increase the efficiency of your processes is an important next step for the scalability and profitability of your company.


The Steelsmith Haus Marketing Automation process allows us to implement live tracking of everything from your website visitors, leads, applications and sales. We create a live customizable dashboard which shows critical stats in an easy-to-use format. Because we are application integration experts, your live metrics can be directly integrated and sync with your existing software applications.


As we progress with your Digital Marketing Automation we find new ways to make your processes more automated and faster. As you grow, we’ll work with you to ensure each process is as optimized as possible to maximize your results and control your overhead costs.

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