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Marketing Analytics & Website Analysis

The Steelsmith Haus outshines other marketing analytics companies for good reason. Our zealous for everything website analytics, sales and marketing analysis shows on our websites and our client’s results.

We provide and configure the best marketing analytics software and marketing analysis techniques on the planet. Each visitor interaction each recorded and sourced from any internal or external source. It doesn’t just stop at visitor tracking. When a customer visits your website from any of our marketing channels, they will see a dynamically generated phone number based on where they came from. When they call that number they’ll be routed instantly to your business or be placed into a round-robin workflow for your sales team. Each call is tracked as a website conversion and recorded so you can control quality. In addition, each user session is recorded so we can see exactly how they interact with the website.

We also offer multiple ways to connect with your website visitors including form submissions, calls and live chat. They can even text your phone number.

All of these tools together significantly increase the likelihood that your website visitor becomes a customer. This is an essential factor in the Digital Marketing process and has proven successful with all of our clients.

Marketing Analytics & Website Analytics Benefits

Develop a complete picture of your audience including demographics, geography and website interaction

Understand the true ROI for every external marketing source including other sites, platforms and ads

Instant notification of high-value website visitors, form leads and calls

View recordings of your visitors interacting with your website to understand their experience

Complete virtual phone system to route your callers and listen to the call recordings

Instant access to info from each form submission, call and sale in your customized dashboard

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Marketing Analytics & Marketing Analysis Process


Our Marketing Analytics Build process begins with accessing your current analytics information from your website or analytics software. This is an important benchmark for us to understand the most valuable sources of business and to discover opportunities. From there, we dive into your website and connect our advanced software applications. Next, we create a customized dashboard which we integrate with your website to show your form submissions, calls and other industry specific info like applications, quotes and sales.


From the moment our websites are launched, we source each website visitor, form submission and phone call to ensure you have the critical data you need to convert website visitors into customers. Our user tracking begins at the source with marketing channel analytics that shows valuable information about a visitor including how they found you, where they went on your website and if they’ve been there before. We “score” your website visitors to show how frequently they visit your website and which products or services they’re interested in. Don’t know their name yet? That’s no problem. We place unique identifiers on each visitor. Once they contact you, you’ll already be in the know.


There are two different goals with the Optimization phase of Website Analytics:

The first is to ensure that you are receiving regular, actionable reports with the numbers that actually matter to you in a way that you can easily understand without spending hours pouring through metrics. Our job is to understand what matters and which information is most important.

The second goal is for our team to use your information to make necessary optimizations to the user experience of your website. For a typical client, our goals are to continually increase the conversion rate from a website visitor to a form submission or call. Another one is to increase the completion rate of online applications and sales. This is a constant process of A/B tests and tweaks that starts from day one.

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