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Email Marketing Services

Email Marketing to Nurture Prospects & Build Your Audience

Email Marketing is consistently among the highest ROI’s of all of the marketing channels. The necessity to organically grow quality lists and keep them engaged with your emails has never been more important. Unlike other email marketing companies, Steelsmith Haus uses a combination of beautifully designed email marketing templates and a cohesive email marketing strategy, integrating your Content Marketing efforts to educate, inform and entertain your target audience. Not only does Email Marketing allow you to directly connect with customers, but it allows you to regularly engage your prospects and nurture them over a long period of time building their trust and enhancing your reputation along the way.

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Steelsmith Haus Email Marketing Benefits

  • Comprehensive Email Marketing company strategies with clear goals and objectives to ensure maximum ROI

  • Powerful Email Marketing software for newsletters, prospecting and transactional emails to automate and track everything

  • Fully responsive custom email marketing template design and development for 100% inbox deliverability

  • Automated and flexible Email Marketing drip campaigns to nurture prospects over long periods of time

  • Split testing across all campaigns to ensure a maximum open and click-through-rates

  • 100% Can Spam Act compliant email list management and growth to ensure a squeaky-clean Email Marketing reputation

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Recent Email Marketing Examples

10 Years in Business. 5 Industry Web Platforms. 12 Dedicated Experts.


Our Email Marketing Process

Designing an effective Email Marketing Strategy is a critical first step before launching a successful campaign. First, we set you up for success with our email marketing software and integrated tracking components. Next, we take a hard look at any existing lists you have and apply a proven process designed to “scrub” your email list to ensure that your emails will be delivered to inboxes and not spam boxes. Deliverability is a great achievement for any email marketing campaign, but being able to glean actionable reporting and metrics from those campaigns is critical. We set up tracking for everything from opens to clicks to the quality of your lists to ensure you have a solid foundation for your campaign.

Our Email Marketing template designs are developed specifically for high open, click and conversion rates. Our designs include responsive elements that ensure proper rendering across all browsers and mobile devices. Also, our templates are easy to use within our software allowing you or your team to quickly craft effective emails.

As we are a technology-driven company, all of our templates include sophisticated campaign tracking code to fully understand how your audience is interacting with your emails. We create each and every email template with not only maximum deliverability in mind but also maximum results.


The Steelsmith Haus Build-Measure-Optimize process is a perfect fit for our Ongoing Email Marketing services and has resulted in many successful campaigns over the years. Integrated with your Content Marketing campaign, we ensure that as the quality of the content within the emails increases, so do the other important aspects. Using the dozens of important metrics we gather, we are constantly working to exceed those with each batch of emails that go out. Our methods include increasing the list size through effective website conversions to A/B testing different subject lines, layouts and images.


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