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WordPress eCommerce Website Design

The Steelsmith Haus team isn’t just a marketing firm, we are a full-fledged eCommerce Website Development Company obsessed with eCommerce quote forms & application automation. We design and develop intuitive and streamlined WordPress eCommerce website forms and applications for all industries including Insurance, Commercial Real Estate and more. Our forms offer an incredible amount of flexibility and automation including automated user registration, complex quote calculations, conditional qualification standards and payment processing capabilities.

Our web form applications have been proven to drastically increase conversion rates and sales across the board while plummeting your overhead costs. No more taking applications over the phone or fax either. Steelsmith Haus handles the entire process on your website from lead generation, lead and call tracking to applications, quotes and eCommerce payment processing and subscriptions.

The bulk of the advanced functionality isn’t just in the form itself. Once an application is submitted, it automatically triggers conditional emails, forwarding to other forms, quotes and automatic PDF generation. The results of the user’s submission and all fields and calculations are immediately available on your live dashboard. This also includes any PDF applications, quotes and receipts generated automatically.

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eCommerce Website Design Benefits

Drastically reduce your development overhead and increase your sales through 100% eCommerce quote-buy-print web application process

Your prospects can qualify, apply, receive a quote and purchase all online

Follow up regularly for prospects that didn’t close, or to renew existing prospects

Learn who your most qualified prospects are and ensure they’re at the top of your list

View critical company metrics on your live dashboard to make informed decisions

Know instantly exactly where every website visitor and phone call came from

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WordPress eCommerce Website Design Process


Intuitive Design

Our initial step for a new application is to create an interactive step-by-step workflow and take the time to review and identify possible improvements. Our primary goal in the build process is to design an intuitive, high conversion form based on our user application standards.

Application Qualification

In addition to the workflow, we identify any user inputted fields that will disqualify the applicant before they receive a quote.

Quote Calculations

Our interactive workflow will also include all calculations that will be included in the website form. The calculations can be tested along with all form questions and qualifications.

Online Application Development

Using our advanced form application, we develop your form on your website for testing. This is where we identify ways to conditionally hide fields to help the form appear easier to complete. The entire form is then streamlined for speed and performance and tested across all browsers and mobile devices to guarantee a positive user experience.


Upon launch, we watch each applicant closely using advanced user session recording software and heatmapping. We set up a step-by-step user pipeline and start tracking the conversion rate of each step. Our goal here is to identify “drop-off’s” or points in the application where the user is more likely to abandon the process. Your live admin dashboard will show all applications, fields, quotes and sales including important conversion metrics between each step.


As we progress with the maturity of your application process, we make recommendations for improvements in your interactive workflow. Each new version of your form is bechmarked against the previous form to ensure constant improvement across all metrics.

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