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Paid Search Advertising

À La Carte Services

PPC Strategy & Campaign Design
  • Paid Search is the fastest way to test, measure and drive qualified traffic to your website. Also, the insights we gain from PPC are used to quickly improve your SEO with new keyword opportunities.

  • $849
  • one-time

  • PPC Strategy Conference
    PPC Campaign Structure Planning
    PPC Deep-Dive Keyword Research
    PPC Negative Keyword & Competitor Research
    Ad Design & Copywriting
    Analytics & Reporting Software Setup
    Call Tracking Software Setup & Integration
    Platform Setup & Configuration
Monthly Paid Search Management
  • From the moment we launch your PPC campaign, we quickly work to dial in every detail to achieve a low cost per lead. As we mature the campaign, we gradually create a more granular campaign and adgroup structure to test, measure and capitalize on any opportunities.

  • $279
  • monthly

  • Keyword Monitoring & Bid Management
    Keyword Match Expansion and Research
    Page Speed Analysis
    Campaign and Ad Group Optimization
    Ad & Landing Page Improvements
    Conversion Tracking Testing
  • Up to $1800 in Adspend. 15% of Adspend over $1800.

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