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Digital Marketing Course & Technology Training

Steelsmith Haus provides a digital marketing course & for a myriad of industries across a wide spectrum of digital marketing and technology subjects. Our commitment to helping our clients grow extends to giving them the ability to be self-sufficient in all digital marketing and technology areas. We provide one-on-one and group online marketing courses in multiple formats including in-person, virtual, webinars, recorded videos. We have also expanded to add training documentation to our client dashboards, which is maintained and expanded as their breadth of knowledge and services grow.

We treat our client’s processes, procedures and combined knowledge as their DNA. This is the backbone of any company and is the primary source of handing off this knowledge as staff transitions and grows.

Digital Marketing Course Benefits

Lower ongoing digital marketing training costs and ramp-up periods by developing and maintain online marketing & technology training repositories

Train existing staff members as an alternative to retaining expensive consulting firms

Expand your digital marketing and software technology knowledge to lower your overhead and become more competitive in your industry

Organize your digital marketing course policies, procedures and processes to lower your long-term staff costs and ramp-up time

Partner with an on-demand digital marketing and software training firm without the high retainer fees

Increase staff adoption through regular 1-on-1 and group refresher courses and software adoption reporting

Digital Marketing Training Questions?

Click below to get a No-Cost Consultation. We’ll take a few minutes to pick your brain about your company, goals and challenges to customize a digital marketing course for your company.

Not convinced? How about:

  • No long term contracts or vague promises
  • Affordable, proven and effective training plans for dozens of industries
  • Clear, predictable course pricing based on your marketing budget
  • Weekly and monthly performance and ROI reports

Need more proof? Connect with us and we’ll show you actual results from real customers so you can see for yourself.

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