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company logo design seattle

Brand Identity & Company Logo Design

Developing a consistent brand identity that speaks to your target audience is essential. We’ll help you establish a highly effective look and style based on hours of research and interviews with your team. This isn’t just about a great company logo design either. We work with you to establish the most effective and authoritative company graphics, color pallets and brand messaging.

Brand Identity & Logo Design Benefits

 Custom brand identity style plan for all platforms and mediums for consistency across the web

Targeted customer profiles with customized message strategies to maximize your results

Brand identity evaluation audit to fully understand and improve your brand awareness

Control your brand’s voice and message across all digital marketing channels

Beautiful company logo designs customized for your website, social media and display advertising

Unique value propositions for each customer segment designed to convert visitors into customers

company logo design seattle

Brand Identity & Company Logo Design Process


The first step to building a solid brand identity is our Brand Strategy Interview. We’ll have a bunch of questions for you! These are meant to understand your existing brand, target audience and message. We have several goals to accomplish including Persona Development, Establishing your Corporate Voice and defining your Selling and Value Propositions.

Next, we dive into our Brand Identity projects in order to establish your messaging, colors, logo and more.


Measuring your brand is a constant process of A/B testing different logos, colors and messaging across all of our marketing channels. It’s important to always closely track your KPI’s (Key Performance Metrics) like time on site and conversion rate to quickly learn how your audience responds. The majority of this testing is accomplished through testing different versions of your website, testing search engine ads, emails, and social media channels.


Each month, we’ll meet to talk about how your audience is responding to your website, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing and social media among others. We will introduce “brand identity tweaks” in order to test how your audience responds to a slightly different logo, color scheme, content voice, display ads, emails and social media posts. Our Build-Measure-Optimize process helps your brand identity continually evolve with your industry and audience.

Brand Identity & Logo Design Questions?

Click below to get a No-Cost Consultation. We’ll take a few minutes to pick your brain about your company, goals and challenges to come up with a brand strategy that is right for your company.

Not convinced? How about:

  • No long term contracts or vague promises
  • Affordable, proven and effective plans dozens of industries
  • Clear, predictable pricing based on your marketing budget
  • Weekly and monthly performance and ROI reports

Need more proof? Connect with us and we’ll show you actual results from real customers so you can see for yourself.

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