Tradeshow Banner Design California

tradeshow banner design california
tradeshow banner design california

Tradeshow Banner Design California

Steelsmith Haus partnered with One Resonance Sensors (ORS) based out of San Diego, CA for various collateral design projects, including brochures, manuals and banners. Above is an example of our Tradeshow Banner Design. Over the last 2 years, we’ve played an integral role in solidifying ORS’s foothold in the Scientific Instrument Industry.

Combined with our Web Design, our tradeshow banner designs helped to attract new clients and establish a trustworthy brand throughout the digital landscape.

Tradeshow Banner Design California Project Highlights

  • Our Tradeshow Banner Design process includes rapid iterations & focus group testing for maximum brand consistency

  • We give you multiple tradeshow banner design concepts including alternate versions of your designs for various print mediums

  • Our tradeshow banner design process begins with a brand assessment quickly followed by a new or updated color pallet to maintain a solid brand across the internet

  • Your new tradeshow banner design prints are delivered as a package which includes a vector version for flexibility across all sizes and mediums

  • Want to use your  designs on other mediums? No problem! Our Collateral Design is second to none and includes versions for stationary, signage and more

  • Our printing partnerships ensure high quality prints with low costs and fast shipping

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