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About Steelsmith Haus

What’s a Steelsmith and why are you a Haus?

In the summer of 2007, Andrew Steelsmith went to a small village in Germany called Plittershagen after researching his family history and tracing it back to the late 1700’s in Germany.

While researching, he found the Stahlschmidt Family Home which was built in the 1100’s. Amazingly, it was still standing and occupied. Andrew even received a warm welcome and tour of the village by the Mayor and was welcomed by the other villagers.

As Steelsmith Haus grew from 3 to 15 staff, Andrew welcomed family members including his wife Christine and a year later his brother Matthew to become a true family company.

Steelsmith Haus continues to grow as a Full-Service Digital Marketing & Technology Services company and will become a legacy for generations to come, not unlike the Stahlschmidt Family Home itself.


The mission of Steelsmith Haus is to guide companies across a multitude of industries through the process of establishing a solid digital foundation and fostering measurable growth. Our principal goal and reward are to grow companies using digital marketing, bleeding-edge technology, and automation while keeping their overhead low and allowing them to be competitive across the entire digital landscape.


Andrew Steelsmith
Founder & CEO

Christine Steelsmith
Account Strategist

Matthew Steelsmith
Director of Operations

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